Sunday, February 10, 2008


..Chandler loves his baby bach

I know I havee been sporatic in my updating, but Brandon and I have been very busy.  Things in Vegas are starting to look up. Brandon got a job doing night audit at a local hotel.  It's part of the Marriot chain, so there's no casino and no smoking (a plus).  My student teaching is already 1/2 way over, and I can't believe it!  Spring break is in a few weeks too.  The weather turned up too!  It was 72 yesterday!  Beautiful.  People are saying that by may it starts getting hot... you know, vegas HOT!  :-P  We have been trying to decide how long we want to stay here and it's still up in the air.  But i think, come June (when our contract expires) we will be so hot we will be more than ready to leave.  We'll see.  We miss our friends dearly.  People have been very nice, and we have a few couple friends in the ward.  However, it seems we will never replace our friends we left in Idaho, and those who will soon be leaving as well.  We are enjoying being close to home tho.  
We have been to my parents twice.  

So, all in all, life is good.  The weather is beautiful, and our neighboors started smoking outside.  This is a good thing because then the smell doesnt come up through the floor.

Happy Valentine's day!  
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