Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sorry no belly shot..

Not yet, I haven't taken one, but I did finally upload these:

bump cloths..

I didn't want to post individual pictures of all 12.. this is my favorite.

baby bibs...How can you see crab-print flannel, and NOT make bibs??

I think my last project will be the bedding for his crib. We're waiting till break to set up the crib, then I will start the bedding at the beginning of next quarter (July).

Have a happy day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have plans

I may have said this before.. but I can't remember so, I am going to say it again.

Sometimes I am disappointed that other people don't update their blogs more, then I realize that I kind of suck @ it too. My problem is that I want to post pictures, because that's all anyone looks at anyway, but then I have to take them, upload them, and.. you know, exert effort?

Here are some pictures from the zoo! We invested in a year pass, and are LOVING it!
I love the video on Chelsea's blog of us trying to take this picture.
I wish Chandler wasn't making such a goober face in this picture, because it's a good one of the other two! PS: If you tell Chandler he's a goober, he says, "Noooo, I'm Chandler!"

The Saturday before Mother's day we went on a hike with Brandon's Mom. It was pretty fabulous, and i was pretty proud of myself for my falling on my face because it was a pretty good uphill battle.. The views were pretty spectacular.

I have plans to update soon on baby crafting, and (ugh) a belly photo. People keep asking for them. I just need to exert some effort on those ends!

Have a lovely day, it's almost June!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanks for the hips, Mom.

If you've known me for more than 10 minutes, you know that I adore my mom. I don't remember ever disliking her (you know like most teenagers do). However, she might be able to tell you otherwise. I remember @ 16 listening to a friend vent about how horrible her mother was, and thinking how grateful I was that I liked mine so much.

I thought about writing about all the wonderful things my mother taught/instilled in me. You know, love, kindness, confidence...etc. And she did, and it's wonderful, and I love her for all those things, but I thought maybe this would be more interesting. These are things that I inherited from my mom....

A love for houses. I can remember crawling in windows of vacant homes to look around. We would spend Saturdays touring model homes. Sometimes we would take the long way home just to look at a few houses. These are still some of our favorite activities when I am home.

I am told that I talk and sound just like my mom. Which really in flattering, because sometimes she uses words that I don't understand. From about 12 on I would answer the phone and get the response, "Hi, Kristine...", so I guess it must be somewhat true.

My butt. But seriously, these thighs and butt of mine used to really bother me. However, in my old age, I have come to appreciate my shape. My mom said once, "You'll just marry someone who likes big butts. Some guys don't and some guys do," to which my dad said, "It's true." And have you ever heard a song about a small bottomed girl? They just don't write them.

An intense, deep passion for brownies. I'm not really sure if there's anything to say about this.. I, like my mom, am very fond of brownies... with ice cream. It IS my favorite food.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My sidewalk is wet..

I have been meaning to post.. It's been a while. I wish I could say we have been crazy amounts of busy, but not so much. I just haven't had anything to say!

We're just kind of putting along leaving boring strait lines behind us. Everyday the same thing, every week the same routine. Every evening the same dead ended conversation about future moving plans. We throw in a couple play dates and zoo visits as we go.

In April... Brandon started quarter #7 out of 12, then turned 28, Joanne's had a sale on their flannel, we planted our garden, primary hosted a baptism, my grass started growing, Chandler ate a quarter, I continued my search for a double jogging stroller, and it rained 25 days, braking some kind of record. I pray it doesn't rain 25 days in May, I think I might die along with our sad cucumber plants.

Now it's May.. can you believe it?

Summer is looming and the anticipation is exciting for me. It's really so close. June is just a few short weeks away. Babies seem to be the crop of choice in our ward this spring/summer.. The ward welcomed a new one last month and will welcome others at the very end of this month/beginning of next, August, September, October and November. Someone really messed up by forgetting to have a July baby. ;-)

Our point and shoot camera is very temperamental lately, and I can't find the battery charger for my Cannon. Perhaps life would seem more exciting if I could document it.

I hope it's sunny in your parts of the world. Take your shoes off and walk on the warm side walk for me?
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