Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sterling Turns Two!

Sterling turned two while the boys and I were in California.  We had a little cake there, and we had a little more cake with Daddy and a few friends when we were home.

This opening presents stuff is serious business. 

Sterling scored two Buzz Lightyears, a Buzz tent, a cow and a horse.

One of the Buzzes even came in a Victoria's Secret bag.

Sterling is almost the complete opposite of Chandler.  He is a very busy baby; always getting into something. He is loud, yelling, screaming and singing as loud as he can.  He is surely more aggressive than Chandler more than once we have seen him full on punch Chandler in the eye.  Of course there was a time out, but Chandler kind of deserved it.  Sterling, after punching, always gives the best hugs.  We wants to give you hugs and kisses and snuggles just all the time.  He's really a sweet little monster.

He says quite a bit, and even a few two word sentences every once and while.  He just refuses to say anyone's name though..  He eats like a champ, and I am pretty confident that he eats more calories a day than I do (no worries, healthy calories).  He climbs, jumps, and destroys everything.  He follows Chandler around and wants to do everything his big brother does.  I am hoping that will translate well into potty training in the next couple of months.

We are excited to watch him grow up... we love you Sterling!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Chandler has been counting the days until school started.  "7 more days till schools starts after we get home from grandma's house....... 5 more days, the day after tomorrow school starts!"  The excitement has been tangible.  

Chandler always has to do this weird rock star pose....

Sterling HAD to have a backpack.  Good thing we have an extra!

This is my favorite.  I love them lots.

Ready to go! 

"Okay mom, you can leave now."

There wasn't one tear for me or Chandler.  But Sterling was pretty upset that he wasn't staying at school with Chandler.  He could tell it was going to be a fabulously good time.  The only difficult thing for me was the realization that this is the beginning of 20+ years of kids in school.  We are very excited for Chandler though, he is so ready!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo, and it was fantastic!  First we rode the train around most of the park, picking out what we wanted to spend our time looking at afterwards...

(Scarlett & Julie on the train checking out the giraffes) 

(Chandler & Uncle Adam on the train)

(Chandler watching the monkey swing)

(everyone has to take a picture on the shiny silver polar bears)

(Chandler photo bombs... hilarious)

 (Riding the sky tram.  I am so glad we did this...)

 (oh my heavens are these the cutest pictures, or what?!)

We were at the zoo from 12-6:30ish.  Then we picnicked at the park near by, tried to keep the babies away from the bum, and almost ran out of gas driving through San Onofre.  It was very sweaty, but so fun!  Those animals are really cool.

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