Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Retrospect

Bethany: Help me write my blog post about 2010.
Brandon: 2010 was good. Say, "a lot of good things happened. One of them was not having a baby. Bethany screamed a lot. The end."

We did discover a few things about having babies back in August. Of course it was one of the good things that happened this year, if not the best.

Here's a list of a few things we discovered this year....
  • The flamingos will eat out of your hand
  • Morning sickness can last more than 12 weeks
  • Sometimes missionaries aren't so weird when they come home, and we like California weather in February
  • More people read and/or comment on your blog when you're expecting a baby
  • Sometimes in Portland, OR it rains until July
  • This was just my favorite post this year
  • Summers are jam packed with excitement, and we like it that way
  • Second babies come quickly.. too quickly for epidurals if you're not careful
  • We like pigs in a blanket on a stick over a fire
  • Chandler has a crush on Teacher Debbie
  • Starting in October, life gets very busy
  • Christmas is more and more fun as our kids get older
I cannot believe tomorrow is 2011. In 2006 we started telling people we would be done with school in 2011. It was so far away then, and now well tomorrow it's here. 2011, the year our five year plan ends, the year Brandon finishes school, and gets a real job, the year we move to our forever home. These are our hopes for this year, at least.

In yoga, this morning, our teacher told us to open our arms and embrace the new year with optimism.. so here we go.. let's embrace it. Honestly, I was just trying not to fall over.

OH! Please tell me what you think of the penny floor! See below

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas eve with Brandon's family, and Christmas day all by ourselves. It was the first family Christmas on our own.


I love this.. Chandler surrounded in presents







"Mom, help me!"



These next two are my favorite..



Chandler made this cute little gingerbread man for me at preschool..


I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

falalala, la, la, la, la...


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Merry Christmas

Also, see below for party pictures!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party People..







Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"I want to go to there"

The candy witch brought Chandler Toy Story 3 for Halloween. Inside the box there's that little booklet that comes in movie boxes. Inside the booklet there's an advertisement for Disney Cruise Lines. With a picture of a pool and water slide.

Twice Chandler has told me he wants to go there. Today our conversation went like this...
"Mommy, I want to go on there."
"Not now honey."
"I don't know."
"But look, there's lots of friends on there. And it's fun mommy."

Tell me, I'm not the only one who has the "when we're rich" conversations with their husband, and maybe their three-year-olds.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best calling EVER..

Our ward clerk asked us,"During the next two weeks could everyone please take a few minutes to think about and then write down several important events which I can use to complete the Annual Historical Report?" This is what I wrote...


We started the year with just twenty active members of our primary. During the summer we swelled to reach as many as 30 in sharing time, while in November we had as few as six. We were a small, but unified, Primary here in the Hartley Park ward. And, oh man, did we have a good time!

We started the year with "Breakfast with Bishop." We all gathered in our pajamas to get to know Bishop Lyman better. The kids sat at a large table and asked questions: "How did you meet your wife?" "Who do you like better, Brother Gneighting or Brother Holwege?" The kids thought this was hysterical. They took pictures with the bishop, and I felt the experience was uplifting for both the children and Bishop.

We were blessed to be part of the baptism of Spencer Ellsworth. Family, friends,ward leaders, and missionaries gathered to partake in the spirit of baptism. Spencer was welcomed as the newest member of our ward family, and we all rejoiced.

We also participated in a pioneer day activity, went trunk or treating and sang our hearts out during singing time. Ferralyn Chezic always exceeds everyone's expectations, with her over the top, way too exciting, singing time lessons. It is so fun, and yet the truth she teaches through song speaks to our spirits.

Ferralyn's efforts made our primary sacrament program a hit. "Best one I've ever seen," someone remarked. "I can't remember seeing a better one," another said. "The music was amazing," we heard over and over. Ferralyn told me before we got up on the podium, "Angels sing with them." I believe that. Brennah Warner's solo was angelic, and the Tuitavake boys singing "Called to Serve" seemed foretelling. The parts were memorized, the sunbeams (as always) were adorable, and the children recited talks that were general authority quality.

Our primary staff served faithfully, each relying on one another. We taught and learned about Jesus; His Life and His teachings. We memorized articles of faith and scriptures, did service, played games, and learned to love our neighbors. I think we all, leaders and children together, came to know our Savior a little better.

Children and leaders joined us, and children and leaders left us to be part of many other wonderful things. Anyone and everyone who sat in our primary room, felt the spirit of our Savior. It's true, if Jesus was to visit us, Primary is where he would go first.

What a blessed organization that I have to be part of!


I so much look forward to my final year as primary president. I cannot think of a calling that I would rather have. Seriously. Sometimes I feel sad that I don't get to be a member of this ward and watch the kids grown, go on missions, and get married. They may not remember me, but Hartley Park children will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope everyone someday gets a chance to participate in a calling that means so much to them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kristy's Stories

Check out my mom's new blog.

Kristy's Stories

I made the header and button for it. It was my first time making a button, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

I expect family members (Adam) to put a button on their blogs. I guess mostly, just Adam.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010, 4:10 PM

October, 10 2006, 10 am:

Dear Bethany,

I think you should have a baby.



Later that day... a positive pregnancy test.

June 23, 2006. Chandler Nathan Barnette is born.

Some people like kids, but Nathan really seems to enjoy them. Well, at least my kids. He obviously thinks they're pretty neat.


Nathan and I are the closest in age in the family at a whopping 2 years one month. Mom tells me that Nathan used to get up the morning and ask me, "What are we going to do today?" Due to hearing problems, Nathan didn't talk till later. When he did it was in full sentences. Nathan's first words were, "Stop that, bad girl!" I remember taking him with me to my friend's houses. Which I hated, but he came along anyways.

As a kid Jared was the "funny" one.. remember when the chicken crossing the road jokes were funny. Today, Nathan does a little stand up comedy at BYU. I really think it's a gift at writing that makes him so talented. I maybe a little biased, but I thought he was the funnies at his show we went to (like 3.5 years ago).


Since Nathan returned from his mission he is one of the kindest people I know. He'll even give up his seat on the couch for you (or Miranda). That is practically unheard of. Adam doesn't even have to kick at him until he leaves. He's always talking about doing something respectable with his career and doesn't seem to care about getting rich. Which makes Mom think he'll be filthy rich.

Lastly.. Nathan has had the same hair cut since he was..... three? Except a few summers when Mom would shave the boys' heads bald. Once Nathan and I were watching Seinfeld, and Jerry got a bad haircut have you seen that one? Nathan and I looked at each other astonished.....


Nathan looks like Jerry Seinfeld with a "bad haircut". I can't believe he thought that was bad considering his usual 90's style fro/mullet. That pretty much qualifies him for awesomeness.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everyone else is doing it

I'll post about our Halloween.

Sterling was born on Friday the 13th, so we saw it fitting to bless him on Halloween. It was also fast Sunday and my parents were able to come.

He was so handsome in his little sweater. He even matched grandma.


Julie suggested that we did a cool picture like theirs.. here. But, boys wouldn't do it. I still like it tho.




These are the faces my children make while we are trying to take their pictures...



Make sure to continue reading to see our trunk or treating post...

Trunk or Treat..

We have an insane amount of candy in our home.

Earlier on Saturday (before trunk or treating) we went to a very wet, very muddy pumpkin patch..






Okay, then trunk or treating...

Brandon and my costumes only made sense when Chandler was around..





Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's quiet now. What do you say?

Brandon and & Chandler went to buy me a birthday present (yay) and Sterling is napping. Aren't newborns funny, napping @ 6:45? Silly boy.

Do you ever take a moment to look around at your life? So much of my life is chaos, there aren't many moments to actually look at it. Most moments are filled with other important things. Let me tell you about my life, as today is the last day of life at age 23.

Today Chandler asked me, "I'm not a baby. Not yet?" I had to try to explain that he would never again be a baby, and I will never again be in my early twenties. 24 is definitely mid-twenties.

I love my home. It has a red wall, a brown wall, a blue wall and 3 green walls, and is filled to the brim with diapers and toys, and love.

Tuesday-Friday I take Chandler to preschool. He is a preschool genius, and loves his teacher: "Teacher Debbie."

Last year, October, I bought a romper with a skeleton on it, size 3 months. My thought was, if we get pregnant this month, it'll fit our baby next year. We got pregnant in November.

I got a new vacuum last week. Very, very exciting.

Today, I drove down Halsey and it was bright and sunny, and the perfect temperature, and I thought maybe southern California would be a nice place to live.

Brandon came home with contact information of a Doctor in New Mexico.

It's pitch black @ 6:57 currently on Halsey street.

Chelsea asked me if I her to watch my kids tomorrow, so I could take a break. I said, "No, I don't have anything going on on Thursday, why would I need you to watch my kids?" I keep forgetting it's my birthday.

We like to "play on the grass".

My husband is amazing, so patient and kind. Always giving 100%. I love him.

My children are not so patient. I still don't like saying "children" or "kids".. "Put the kids to bed" sounds old, like someone in their 30's would say. Brandon has resorted to calling them "the midgets."

Laundry is never ending... never.

More than one person told me our primary program was the best one they've ever seen. If it was, it's because of the children, my teachers, my chorister and the Holy Ghost. Nothing to do with me; I'm just lucky.

I organized Sterling's baby clothes. This brought me immense joy.

I'm 24 tomorrow, and in the throws of full time motherhood. Perhaps, more seasoned mothers would disagree, but that's what it feels like to me. I like it this way, it may not be interesting to talk about me, but I like it. It's comfortable, like this is what I am supposed to be doing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy birthday, big borther!

"What if you get married and your wife doesn't like me?"
"I don't think that will happen. We're too much alike."

Adam is my big brother. His room used to smell like a cave, and he has enough clothes that he doesn't have to do laundry all summer. ...wait, those are not reasons we're alike, just to clarify. He was the typical big brother when I was little. He used to dunk me under water at the pool repeatedly, he thought it was funny to pull me off the couch, and if you sat next to him in the van he would kick you until you were so fed up with him you'd move, giving him the whole row to himself. I distinctly remember once he burped in his hand and then put his hand in my face. I was infuriated.


I love all of my siblings, but I think I am the closest to Adam. Not because he burped in his hand. I hope my kids are able to have friendships with each other; I hope my kids are as kind to each other as Adam is to me. We're friends, close friends (or at least I think so). Adam has a talent of making his friends feel like they're special to him. I think that's why he has so many friends, friends that last years and years and years. He helps me waste time. We chat, and share internet links full of nonsense.. example? Last week Adam shared this with me..


Life enriching? I don't think so.

In my fantasy life, Adam has a fabulous wife, who loves me so we're best friends, and our kids find immense joy in each others company. In reality, Adam and I haven't lived in the same state since 2006. Sad face. Maybe in years to come, maybe not. Either way, Adam will always be one of my best friends.

Happy birthday big brother!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have you smiled today?

We have...


Monday, October 11, 2010

October, October

Is this the busiest month ever, for everyone else too?

October 4-Brandon returns to school
October 8-School BBQ Horray for not having to make dinner!
October 9-Clean the church assignment AND make a cake McKenna's birthday party
October 11-14 OSCIs... I have no idea how to spell that Some important tests for Brandon
October 12-Dentist appointment
October 13-Sterling's 2 month well check
October 14-Baby shower
October 15-Date night, finally
October 16-Primary activity AND Relief Society activity
October 17-Primary program AND Adam's birthday yay Adam
October 21-My birthday yay me
October 23-Birthday party for Chandler's little friend
October 28-Brandon's mom is having surgery AND girls night
October 30-Ward activity
October 31-Sterling's baby blessing

These are all wonderful things. I'm not so sure that Brandon's dentist visit will be. We're happy to be busy, but occasionally overwhelmed, and exhausted. Thank you Sterling for deciding October would be the month you started sleeping eight hours!

I'm also trying to squeeze in a few days each week @ the gym... which is hard because I can't take Sterling till the first week of November, so I have to go at night when Brandon's home. Bonus, however, I have already lost 5 pounds this month! I also, so badly want to go to a pumpkin patch, and I need to make the boy's Halloween costumes.

Sorry, there's no flow to this and I had nothing clever to say. Maybe in November. Happy Columbus day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waching @ Seaside

h man, I am so clever.
We went to Seaside with the Wachs, and I wish I could post all 111 photos in all their full detailed glory. Wouldn't that be so boring for you?

Anyways, here we go..

We visited an ice cream and candy shop, and the boys rode the carousel. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was nursing...stinking nursing.



The Wachs took us to this little beach about 15 minutes outside of Seaside. The entire time we were there we saw maybe 4 other people and a dog. The fog made for some weird lighting. I don't know if I have ever seen so much fog in the middle of the day.


Have you ever done pigs in a blanket over a fire? They were so good.




We had such a fabulously good time. Chandler and Davy played so well. We are so lucky to have awesome friends, and we'll be sad when the Wachs move away in a few months. tear
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