Monday, June 30, 2008

The Dominican Republic!!!

Okay, there is a lot to post, but here is the basics... The Dominican Republic was beautiful, sunny and beachy! We spent a few days laying in the sun by the pool and the beach.

Then we went to visit some families that Brandon taught while he was on his mission.

There was a big pig that lives near this family that is above

These people owned a bakery.. and guess they what they called doughnuts?..... DONAS!

At one point these kids got a hold of my camera, and this is what we got.....

Then we spent some time doing the touristy things.

Don't laugh at my stupid smile... I can't look up and smile at the same time. Here are some other pictures.

Basically it was wonderful. We missed Chandler a lot, but it was a good break.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Two posts in two days! Really I was just emptying our sim card in preparation for our trip and there were these beach pictures on it.. And these are just so freakin cute!

I love this one! I don't even remember taking it.. maybe Miranda took it.
He's always loved sunglasses, but now he's learning where they go... he'll wear them for a few seconds before he takes them off and tries to put them back on the owner's face. That can sometimes hurt. Isn't he so studdly tho?
He kept crawling all over us, so we put him on his own towel a little ways away. He wouldn't crawl on the sand so he just sat there and whined.... haha.
To make things worse it was way past nap time.. Eventually he fell asleep on his towel, but not till his dad came back.
We love and will miss the beach.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Does anyone know.. is that how you spell woo who? I have never been able to think of a better way to spell it. :-)

Well, here's my wooo whoo anyway. I have been advertising a little bit and I have 2 wedding tentatively booked (which means that I am just waiting for their deposit in the mail). Both of the couples will also be doing their engagement pictures with me this upcoming month. The wedding aren't until the fall. However, there are 2 other Brides I have been in contact with who are getting married in August (cross your fingers for me) and one getting married in January. Oh, it is just so exciting for me! So today, because I have been meaning to, I made business cards! They take three weeks to get to me :-( But, it is still wildly exciting. Also there is a confirm the date card thing.. I don't know what to call it :-P These are easier because I just have them printed (like pictures) at Walmart. Check it out!It's a little blurry because I had to take it off the website, but you get the idea. The website was pretty cool actually, I got like 250 for a total of 12 bucks after shipping and everything, and I got to design it myself.
These I did on my own just using a photo editing program (kind of like photoshop).. how I wish I could afford photoshop :-) Basically this is what the bride (or groom, but it's mostly brides that I talk to; you understand ladies) gets back with a receipt once I have gotten the deposit.

You know you a few years now, I have been thinking about doing all of this, and I have been a little embarrassed. I'm always afraid that I'm not good enough, and ever time I go to take someone's pictures, I am a nervous. But as it turns out, I am always very happy with my finished product. I like to pretend I'm good enough that people would actually want to pay for it. Anyways, so right before Nelson's session we bought a new camera, with a kind of interesting plan. We have one year with no payments and no interest, so we paid nothing. I really didn't feel anyone would take me seriously with out some kind of real equipment. I mean, I wouldn't. As the I do weddings, engagements, family...etc and I make money, the money goes straight to pay off the camera. If I haven't paid it off by the time it's due in full, I have to sell it :-( So this little deal that Brandon and I maid forces me out of comfort zone to make some money. AND, I am glad to be pushed, because this is so exciting for me! I forgot I didn't tell you guys here's my new camera. It's not super fancy, but it's nice, and I pretty much love it. You wouldn't believe what you can spend on a camera. Mine's a little different looking, it has a little bit of silver on it. Anyway.. it is all super exciting, and I was a little hesitant to put this all up, but this is the really neat stuff that is going on in my life right now, and that is what a blog is for right?

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am making this post for my brother jared..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just because..

Mostly because it is Chandler's nap time and I am bored a somewhat because we actually do have things going on in our lives.... I am updating!

First of all. We leave for the Dominican Republic in NINE DAYS!! I can't even believe it, and I am so super excited. We spent a little while a few nights ago looking at pictures on google earth of where we are staying and the surrounding areas.
ALSO! Chandler has taken a few steps!! Sorry no pictures because it is so random when he decides to do it :-) We saw him take his first steps at TGI Fridays on Tuesday! Just two and then he sat down. I think he is very capable, but it's just a lack of confidence thing.. it is VERY scary after all.

Also we are fond of our puppy friend!
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