Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010, 4:10 PM

October, 10 2006, 10 am:

Dear Bethany,

I think you should have a baby.



Later that day... a positive pregnancy test.

June 23, 2006. Chandler Nathan Barnette is born.

Some people like kids, but Nathan really seems to enjoy them. Well, at least my kids. He obviously thinks they're pretty neat.


Nathan and I are the closest in age in the family at a whopping 2 years one month. Mom tells me that Nathan used to get up the morning and ask me, "What are we going to do today?" Due to hearing problems, Nathan didn't talk till later. When he did it was in full sentences. Nathan's first words were, "Stop that, bad girl!" I remember taking him with me to my friend's houses. Which I hated, but he came along anyways.

As a kid Jared was the "funny" one.. remember when the chicken crossing the road jokes were funny. Today, Nathan does a little stand up comedy at BYU. I really think it's a gift at writing that makes him so talented. I maybe a little biased, but I thought he was the funnies at his show we went to (like 3.5 years ago).


Since Nathan returned from his mission he is one of the kindest people I know. He'll even give up his seat on the couch for you (or Miranda). That is practically unheard of. Adam doesn't even have to kick at him until he leaves. He's always talking about doing something respectable with his career and doesn't seem to care about getting rich. Which makes Mom think he'll be filthy rich.

Lastly.. Nathan has had the same hair cut since he was..... three? Except a few summers when Mom would shave the boys' heads bald. Once Nathan and I were watching Seinfeld, and Jerry got a bad haircut have you seen that one? Nathan and I looked at each other astonished.....


Nathan looks like Jerry Seinfeld with a "bad haircut". I can't believe he thought that was bad considering his usual 90's style fro/mullet. That pretty much qualifies him for awesomeness.

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Anonymous said...

These always make me laugh. Thanks for writing these. :)

Happy Birthday, Nathan. XD


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