Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Retrospect

2016 was exciting a full of changes for our family.

In January we celebrated Genevieve's first birthday and I reflected on our journey that brought her to our family.

In February we celebrated Valentine's Day and Chandler's basketball team won the championship game!

In March we signed a lease in Denver, CO so Brandon could start his own practice, but it fell through, and instead we signed a lease in Santa Ana, CA, Brandon put in notice at work, and we visited the Grand Canyon!

In April Brandon turned 34, and we spent the weekend in Oceanside, kid free, with the Wachs!

In May we started packing, Sterling graduated preschool with Miss Kris, we had a birthday party for the boys, and we spent Memorial Day weekend on the lake with our family.

June 1st the boys finished school, and the next day we packed up a big yellow truck and moved our family to California.  Chandler turned 9 on the 23rd!

In July we celebrated the Fourth of July and spent a lot of time at the beach!

In August Sterling turned 6, and his team won their basketball championship game, and the boys went back to school (Kindergarten and 4th grade!)

We spent September trying to settle into our new routine, while still taking frequent trips to the beach!

In October we visited every pumpkin patch we could find, spent a Saturday up the mountains, attended the ward and school Halloween parties and trick or treated with our friends!

Since there wasn't enough time in October, we visited one last pumpkin patch on the first day of November, and took pictures of the kids in their costumes.  We also celebrated Thanksgiving, Tate style.

December was all Christmas, all the time.  We visited with Grandpa Dave in Oceanside, hunted for the perfect Christmas tree, decorated Santa's room for the ward Christmas party, ate too much, and had a big family Christmas!
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