Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I wore a sweater today and Sunday.

I love Fall. This morning I stood in the back yard and smelled the air for at least 3 minutes. I hope the Perkes couldn't see.. I am sure it looked weird. Then I went inside and smelled the crayons.

I thought about getting new clothes and tennis shoes. Clothes that sat in my dresser for weeks because I wasn't allowed to wear them until the first day of school. Walking into that classroom, that smells like construction paper and glue sticks in my new clothes. Close your eyes, can't you smell it? Can you smell new binders, paper, hot pencil sharpeners, erasers, whiteboard markers, sweaters, backpacks, and new socks?

It makes me feel excitement even tho I'm not actually returning to the school supplies this year.

Does it make you want to go outside and smell the air? (be careful, your neighbors might look at you weird). It smells like fall.. crisp, fresh... makes me want to bake an apple with cinnamon and sugar, then go buy Halloween costumes.

It makes me want to cry because I am happy, and I love this time of year, and I cry all the time at everything. It makes me want to cry because life is moving and I can't seems to enjoy everything as much as I would like because it's just too fast. It makes me want to cry because our primary program is next Sunday and that makes me panic.

So if you haven't done it yet, go buy a new sweater, and some crayons, and go stand in the back yard and smell fall. And if you're like me cry. God gives us these few short weeks in September before the rain (or snow, or fires) comes when everything is perfect, and everything smells perfect.
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