Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sterling Starts Preschool

Some how time passes with out notice and also very slowly.

At some point in this molasses time process, Sterling turned four and was suddenly ready for school.

Sometimes he seems really big....

and sometimes he seems really small.....

Please ignore that this post is 6 weeks late

Monday, October 13, 2014

Park City 2014

We spent conference weekend in Park City with my family.  We were lucky that everyone who is currently not serving a mission, was able to join us.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  Fortunately, my mom remembered hers.  Unfortunately, it was dead.  So all these pictures are from our smart phones.  Not the best, but I'm still glad we have something.  :)

 Thursday morning we left early to make the drive.  The kids did pretty well in the car on the way up.  Lots of movies, and lots of snacks!!

We stopped in Provo, did some shopping, and then headed up to Park City to check in.  We stayed in the same incredible place/"condo" that we stayed in in November, 2012.  That night we got to eat dinner with one of the girls Brandon baptized on his mission.  She took a picture, but I don't have that.  Late Thursday, Nathan, Shirley and Wrenn shower up at the condo.. even later my Mom, Dad and big brother, Adam flew in from California.

Friday we hung out and played games.  Later we met Jared and Jen in Provo for dinner and the BYU football game.  Everyone was very sad that BYU lost; except Shirley who was raised in Logan and is a true "Aggies" fan.  I was more uncomfortable about sitting on bleachers for 3 hours than anything else.  But I got to eat a big doughnut, and I like doughnuts.

{Jared and Jen at the football game.  Seriously, Jen is adorable. Jared is kind of okay, or whatever} 

Saturday we went down to temple square.  We talked about trying to get into a session, but decided against it.  Instead we wandered around the visitors centers.  I haven't done that since I was really young.  The kids were more interested in taking an escelator than anything else.  *sigh*  It was a beautiful day.  The SLC temple is just really incredible and has such an incredible story.  PS: wear a skirt when you go to the visitor's center on conference Saturday or the missionaries all think you're not members.

{Here's a really horrible picture}

On Sunday we had breakfast and listened to conference.  We also took a nice little stroll down a path with all these "scare crows."  Did I mention the weather and the colors were beautiful?  They have fall there!

Sunday afternoon, some of the Tate relatives, including grandma, drove out to the condo and joined us for dinner and an enthralling game of pound the table.

Right before leaving town on Monday, I got to have lunch with some dear friends. {Please stop staring at how large my face is right now}

I asked Brandon if we could just stay and live at the condo; just eating and playing games and enjoying fall colors for the rest of our lives. He said we would go broke. :(  It was a wonderful weekend, and I am so grateful for my family coming and making it wonderful.

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