Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wach Family Photos

We went out and took these on Saturday, and because I have only posted once this month, I thought I would post my a few of my favorites... happy Spring! 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sterling Turns 18 Months

I was going to take him out, do a real 18 months mini photo shoot.  Remember when I use to do things like that?  But then 18 months became 19, and I realized it probably wasn't going to happen before his second birthday, so I should probably just post.

Sterling is a monster.  A monster in so many ways.

He weighs in at the 50th percentile and  is in the 75th for his height.  I know, that doesn't seem like a large child, but to us he feels huge.

This child eats.  While he has mastered the fork, he usually puts it down and uses his, much more efficient, fists to shovel food into his mouth.  Most days he eats more than Chandler, and when Chandler has abandoned his dinner, he will pull Chandler's plate over to his spot at the table and eat his.  Then he sits at the table and continues to eat dinner while I clear the table.. because everyone else is done eating.

He stomps.  You can hear him coming, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp.  Undoubtedly, he stomps into the room with something he has found to eat off the kitchen floor.

He talks some, but mostly grunts and yells.  While far less than his older brother did at this age, Sterling has developed a healthy vocabulary of probably 10-15 words, and his own little sign language.  *shakes cup in the air* "I want more";  *waves arms around* "Get that bag guy on TV"; *walks away shaking his head* "I don't like that"; *SCREAMING* "get off my stool, put down my toy, or come over here and let me sit on you".

He is aggressive.  Last week, I came into the room to find Chandler lying on the floor, Sterling sitting on top of him and poking him in the eyes.  I was used to a Chandler, a sweet, quiet, gentle toddler.  But, in the fashion, of second child, Sterling is aggressive.  He wants to wrestle, and poke your face, and when you're unwilling to let him do those things he will fight you.  Or in the case of Chandler, push you onto the ground, sit on top of you and poke your face.

But, in monster fashion, he is so sweet.  He is so generous with his hugs and kisses.  He wants to sit on your lap and cuddle with a blanket.  He loves his domo lovey to death, but will cuddle anything soft.  Sometimes, he just can't help himself and will stop his play to hug me, then returns to his play.  He also, very randomly, will give a nice long hug after every diaper change.

Eighteen months is such a fun age.  It's when you start to see some real personality in there, and he's doing something new, cool, or hilarious everyday.  We love his lots.

Also, he goes to nursery now, which is fantastic.
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