Friday, September 26, 2008


Thanks Sarah.. before I start.. i tag: Anneka, Ryan, Rachel, and Adam (I'm just curriouse if he'll bite)

8 Things

8 Things I'm passionate about:

1. My family - Not to copy everyone, but I love my men (Chandler and Brandon) and I love my brothers, and my parents and my sisters. And yes, I love Brandon's family as well... especially my sister-in-laws.
2. My Savior. I figure this includes the church, my testimony, the gospel... etc.
3. My Friends - New and old.. okay everytime I say that i think of that girl scout song.. does anyone else remember that? "Make new friends and keeEep the old. Some are silver and the others are gold". Hahahaha. But no seriously. I love my friends from home, and my Idaho friends (who we miss dearly) and all the people here who have been so kind to us.
4. CHRISTMAS! but you all already know that. :-) I start to get excited about the end of April, and then it fades a little because I get into the other holidays.. but oh man once those Christmas songs come on the radio, well, you know. I think other people who think they like Christmas as much as I do, just don't understand the depth of this relationship that Christmas and I have built.
5. Education. Duh. I am extremely passionate about giving every student the opportunity for a better life through education. Because I don't want to write a book about it.. we'll leave it at that.
6. Traveling. I love to go places and see things. Yes, I even enjoy the airport. Even with all the craziness and security; I just love the feeling of excitement.
7. Shopping. I think I have some g-ma Tate tendencies. I love to buy things, almost anything.. it's pretty horrible. I get a shopping high. This probably contributes to my love for Christmas.
8. Photography. It's a relatively new passion, but I love, love, love it!

8 Words or Phrases I say Often
1. ummmmmmmm
2. crap
3. oh man
4. no, don't, stop (Chan-man)
5. Honestly
6. Seriously
7. Shut up
8. Yes! I totally know!

8 Things I want to do Before I Die

1. Go to Italy!
2. See every one of my kid married in the temple
3. Sky dive
4. build a house with a pool.. not me, you know what I mean.
5. I have always wanted to host Thanksgiving
6. I really want to be on a game show, and win something
7. I really want to renovate something (I'm pretty addicted to HGTV) :-)
8. Have lots of kids.. :-)

8 Things I Currently Want or Need

1. A house.. with a deck, and a pool, a yard, fire place, maybe a big basement, with a big wrap around porch, where it snows sometimes. I really like those craftsman style houses.
2. Cuter clothes. Including some chunky heals, in not sure what color.
3. This is really random, but I want a head board for my bed.
4. A kitty. :-)
5. A bigger, second car. It would be so nice.
6. I want it to be Christmas time already!
7. A little table to go in the weird space in my kitchen. :-)
8. I kind of want cycling shoes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craig's List

Dear Crazy People,

I am so glad that you decided to list your "slightly used" furniture on Craig's list. Unfortunately, we don't believe you (or care) when you say, "easily worth 1,500", so it wont convince us to spend $500 on some logs you obviously nailed together. And, personally, I don't care how much it cost you. More importantly, it is not okay to list the reasons that you are parting with your furniture. I don't care if your grandma died and you have to move to Africa....doesn't make me want it more.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when you have no responses to your "LOG BED---GORGEOUSE", don't raise the price! I am not sure what the reasoning here is, but it is a common mistake, in no way does it make it more desirable. If you do relist, let's not relist 18 times a day, just annoying. thanks. Lastly, we come to Craig's list looking for a deal.. if we wanted to spend $1000 on a new bed, we would go to a furniture store.



Monday, September 15, 2008


Back in college Sister Gee used to make raspberry-huckleberry jam that was unbelievable. No really, I remember people fighting over it. There are some of you who know what I am talking about. That was the beginning of my love afair with the mentioned berries. And actually it was when I realized that they were an actually berry and not something made up for a puppy's name (huckleberry hound).

So for the first time (first time for me) this past Saturday we went huckleberry picking! It was amazing that we could just pick the berries off the bush and keep them! There were millions of them too!! We brought two friends (and their daughters) with us who's husbands are in the mists of finals, and kind of have to be out of the house for them. It was so fun!

Chandler learned to pull the berries off the bush, but later he learned that it was easier to take handfuls out of our buckets. :-)
Doesn't he look kind of huckleberry drunk? The kids started getting tired so Emily went down and put the girls in the van to watch a movie.. chandler and I soon followed. We picked down by the cars while the kids sat in the van.. This picture is hilarious. Nottice the girls are like, "what the heck is your problem?"

He was asleep like 30 seconds after he got a binki.

I feel I need to cite Emily's blog because I stole a buncha her pictures.. Thanks!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stephan and Marica... FINALLY!!

Sorry about the wait.. the internet is so slow here! It just took my along time to finally upload all the pictures and get them on my site. Here's a few on my favorites.

Here's the link to the website:
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