Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Pregnant Ladies,

As you know, I cry about everything, all the time. Usually not sad tears. Holy crap, Biggest Looser makes me cry (nothing to do with you, pregnant ladies).

When I'm pregnant (I'm not) I cry more.. so I'm glad I wasn't pregnant when I came across this blog. Because I'm not sure if I would have been able to handle the sobbing. "Design mom" has other things on her blog, I'm sure it's fabulous.. but I just read these.

Brace yourself, pregnant or not.. these birth stories are sweet, intense, and heart wrenching:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Mom came to visit us Friday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. We were so happy to have grandma here.

Every morning Chandler got up and yelled "ga-ma!" We didn't take too many pictures, except at the pumpkin patch. So fun! Thanks, Valerie, for the idea.

Julie, why wasn't our pumpkin that big?
We payed $5 for Chandler to ride this pony..
...he was bored.
But he loved this pony...
...and this one...
He didn't like to touch the pumpkins because they were dirty and "yucky"

We played lots of games, ate lots of Chocolate, it was a very, very good time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyone's had this conversation..

"I wonder what's the truth about the Dinosaurs?"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the crap.. October, seriously?

Is anyone else in shock that it's October! I found myself blog stalking today and thinking, why hasn't [blank] updated yet?! And look at me it's been a whole month since I wrote that completely useless and uninteresting blog about fall...

We went to fair like 100 years ago..

The hypnotist tried, but couldn't but me all the way under.. my mom says it's because I have control issues. Oh well.Chandler and Benson tried to share our stroller for all of about 30 seconds. lol.

I made two cakes in one weekend, I don't recommend it. The pink and green one is my first attempt and a full size cake. I always make litttle one's like Teresa's undreneath. It was scary, but turned about better than I had imagined.

PS: if you're going to use that marshmallow fondant recipe follow it carefully. Teresa's cake was a ***** to work with.

Chandler went fishing with the men..
They didn't catch anything, but it was about the experience, right? Besides then brother Chezic gave us some fish last week. :-)

Our program came and went and it was fabulous(?). It's hard to know how the kids are actually doing while I'm up there with them. lol. I'm told it was fabulous. We're getting ready for Halloween, I'm going to the fabric store today to find some stuff for chandler's costume.
We've been discussing Christmas plans, and I've started our shopping.. so far Adam has the coolest present. In primary we are seriously discussing January's new classes.

I can't believe it, it feels like the year is OVER.
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