Friday, April 9, 2010


....I think.. already?! I am resisting all temptations to get the crib out and start making bedding. I am afraid I will have nothing to do for the next 4 months. (HOLY CRAP! ONLY 4 MONTHS!)

I tried everything in my power to convince Brandon that we needed a new infant car seat. You can imagine how that went, lol! Instead I recovered Chandler's very cheap one.

BEFORE: crappy, old faded, eaten a little by rats (NASTY!) car seat
AFTER: same car seat, new life

*Warning: looking @ pictures too closely may cause severe damage to your opinions of my sewing skills

In other news, Brandon has this many black socks with out pairs; making Sundays difficult. Dear dryer, we would like our sanity back.
Also Chandler and I are very good looking, and our bedroom is a disaster zone.
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