Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break: Part Two

Brandon's birthday was Saturday, and he gets a day off work for his birthday!  (yay, new company policy!) So we headed to Grandma's house on Thursday after work..

On Friday we drove up to LA to buy Brandon a suit for his birthday, since that's what he wanted.. doesn't it look great with that polo?  lol

 Saturday we hung around while Brandon played on my brother's ward basketball team and watched the first half of the Clipper's game, and then we were allowed to do fun stuff..

Like go to the beach, and swim in the pool at the beach Condo..

Adam took Chandler on his long board.  Supposedly he's pretty good.  Mostly, he just keeps telling me he did better than Grandma.

Also, we ate BBQ at Phill's in San Marcos, and it was awesome!

Then we were too tired for games and watched So I Married an Ax Murder instead.

Sunday was, of course, wonderful!
The boys hunted for eggs after church.

It's serious business..

And Grandpa dyed eggs with the boys.

We had a fabulous Easter dinner and sang happy birthday to Brandon, complete with this bunny cake grandma made for him!

I'm so excited for summer!! I can't believe how fast this year is going.  

Spring Break: Part One

By Tuesday of Spring break, I was wondering what we were going to do all week, but then things picked up and the week flew by!

We had pizza and slumber parties with friends..

Chandler wore a mustache

 We did a lot of general just hanging around...

The Wachs had us over to swim in their new pool!!!!  

We also had lots of friends over to play, planned an enrichment activity, went to the splash pad, the park, and the library.  Then on Thursday night, we packed up and headed to Grandma's house...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Weekend

I missed March!  I've never skipped an entire month before.  The last post I wrote was about snow; which is weird because highs are reaching the 90s in the next couple of days... welcome, Vegas summer!  It's not that's there's been nothing going on, it's actually quite the opposite.  We've been crazy busy: baseball games, birthday parties, trips to my parents, magic mountain, enrichment activities, and conference.  And it's conference weekend that I'm going to blog (picture dump) about.

There was some necessary car switching and engagement picture taking that needed to happen over this past weekend.  As a result, my parents, Natalie, Miranda, Jared and Jen (Jared's new fabulous fiance) all came to stay with us for a fast and wonderful weekend.

We played lots of games, watched lots of conference, and ate lots of food.

{Mom, I washed my hands!!}

{Jen made these amazing/now my kids only eat octopus shaped pancakes for the boys.. She's incredible}

{Chandler and President Monson}

And finally, the explanation for why I just used my phone for all those above, not so wonderful pictures.... I was tired of my DSLR (sometimes we need a break, okay?) from taking pictures of my brother Jared and his beautiful finace..... at 6:00 am

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