Thursday, March 31, 2011

Near Alicia Parkway

Around 7:30 on a rainy Friday morning my mom, my boys, and I merged onto the I-5 southbound near down town Portland. At 1:13 Saturday morning we exited at Alicia Parkway; Orange County, California.

Then the party started.



We ate crackers, went on walks, and although we had lots of plans, my mom and I spent the majority of our time building a bed. Yep, we built a bed. The post below will tell you all about that adventure. We only played 3 games of settlers and I think Dad won all of them (fun). :) We didn't go to beach. It rained a good majority of the time. Lame, right? PS: I didn't realize that Chandler's face is covered in what he calls "snacks" in that picture till just now. Also, Chandler has been asking for "snacks" non stop since we got home. arg.

At one point I was driving down to meet Brandon in San Diego. There's a part of the coast along the 5 there where there's a large military base. I was driving, it was sunny, and my GPS showed me (a little blue car) driving right along the blue water. It was beautiful, and I decided that it is the most beautiful place in the world.


May a recommend, if you are trying to convince your husband, you mom, your girlfriend, or your best friend to move to southern California, take them in March, April, or May. The hills are green with spring life, and weather is beautiful. Try not to go when it's raining.


It was perfect, and now I want to call it home again more than ever.

Sorry, if you were hoping for "When I Grow Up: Part II". Hopefully, soon, they'll be a need for that blog post.

Making a Mess

Aloooong time ago our friends Parker and Char built a toddler bed for their toddler. It was so adorable, and I was so impressed. Char sited this blog, which I became instantly captivated by.

So, I wanted to know if this was a kind of project I would like to take on, so.. I asked my mom if she would be interested. And, we built a bed.

We followed Ana's instructions. They were good. Not great, but good. And heavens we learned a lot.

There's not a whole lot to say. Here's the pictures...


We may have convinced the guy at Lowe's to do almost all of our cuts for us. I think that saved us hours and hours. Good thing we're pretty.


We nailed and glued and drilled and used that big bolts and a socket wrench.


Then we sanded and painted, and then put the big pieces together.


And done..


Okay, mostly done. It still needs some wood fills, and touch up paint. But pretty cool, huh? My mom and I did it mostly all on our own. We made the bed, and cleaned the room, so I could take a picture, and then I was time to play settlers, so this is the best picture of it completed I have.

Yay us!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


"What?!" As he slams on the breaks.
"That house is adorable."
"I thought I was going to run over a small child."
This is a conversation that I've had with my husband, and a conversation my parents have had.

I thought today I would share a few of my favorite things. Because, I don't know, maybe someone cares.

If I had to pick a style of home it would be craftsman style..

What's so fabulous about these homes is that they are full of thick molding, wainscoting, and detailed windows. They also have cozy porches, and big heavy front doors.

I love beautiful wood stair cases..
And farmhouse sinks in white kitchens. DIY network says, "White kitchens: Timeless and Transcendent." I tried to find a picture of the perfect white kitchen with the perfect sink, and couldn't. I guess I'll have to do it right. But the subway tiles are gorgeous, right?

While I love hardwood floors, because, well, they're classic, I think they have their place. I was want soft carpet in my home (at least in the bedrooms). And I don't mean just carpet. I want extra padded, you could take a nap on it, you have to take your shoes off carpet.

I really, really, really want a swimming pool (California roots). Oh so badly want a swimming pool with a outdoor living space. I love the simple old looking ones.. think "Under the Tuscan Sun". I think they're romantic.

Sigh.. and one of my most favoritest things in the whole home design thing... the clawfoot tub.
Can you believe my love of the clawfoot started when I saw "What Lies Beneath". Everyone loves these tubs, right?

I'm going to stop, because this could go on way too long, and get way too boring. I realize I might never have all of these things. But most importantly, I want our home full of babies and love, and at least one clawfoot.

Do you have favorites, or am I the only one who thinks about this?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet love..

January and February kind of swept by. I want to say flew by, but it wasn't necessarily fast, but not boring. They were two months that just kind of were.

Chandler's good friend Davy moved to Las Vegas... :(

Chandler spent Valentine's day with his girlfriend, Scarlett. Okay, not really.. but aren't they cute?


We had a snow day. It was all over the news. Brandon started school late, and Chandler's was canceled. All for this... It was all gone by the time we left the gym (11 am).

And, I don't know how your work out routine/new year resolution is going, but Sterling is coming right along. He has learned to do planks.

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