Sunday, January 23, 2011

What does google know you for?

What do the ads on your side bar look like?

Mine are always, "Loose belly fat while eating brownies and ice cream!" (How do they know I like brownies?)

Those aren't really tempting, because everyone knows it's fake. BUT it's the Anne Taylor Loft adds that get me. I think I click every time. It's my favorite store. *drool*

Once Brandon's ad said something like, "Sports bras for men."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap"

"Bethany's mom IS Bethany with blond hair."

"I agree, you definitely have your mom's sense of humor."

"You talk just like your mom."

"I think you become more like Kristy every time I see you."

"Do you have to sit on the couch with the computer? You look like your mom."


For mothers day I wrote this post about the things my mom and I have in common. Today, for her birthday, I will tell you all the ways we're different. These are also all the ways my mom is infinity more awesome than me. Even though, I'm pretty awesome.

While my mom and I are similar in shape and size, my mom has beautiful hands. She has skinny, delicate, piano player hands, while I try to hide my man hands. Please watch the video.

She is a musician. She has played most of her life. She used to play while I sang simple primary songs. My favorite was "I am like a Star." She is also well practiced in singing "Bar of Soap," "Black Socks," "We Run and then we Jump," and "Never Smile when a Hurst Goes by". But she really doesn't like "Found a Peanut."

She writes. I write on a blog, boring things that I think are funny. She writes real stuff. Everything she writes if funny, and entertaining--emails, letters, and books. You have to check her out on her blog. This is my favorite. She has written six (unpublished) books, and all are fabulous. I just know someday she'll get that book contract. Then she'll buy me house. Right mom?

She reads. I hate reading, but am always intending (or pretending) to be more into it. Because smart people read, right?

She's confident. I think, or I hope, this comes with age and experience. She cares little about what other people think, and I think that would bring great peace to life.

Once she told me, "I only give advice if I feel like someone is asking for it." I think, I have been blessed with the gift of gab. My mom has been blessed with the gift of being about to keep her mouth shut. Because everyone doesn't always need to know what I think.

She, like Sterling, was born on Friday the 13th. That makes anyone awesome.


I hope when I turn 49 (is that right, are you 49?) I am my mom, but with brown hair. I hope I still have hair.

ewww I watched that freaky addiction show on TLC last night about a girl addicted to pulling and then eating her hair.. don't watch it it's gross.

Love you mom.

Do I use 'awesome' too much?

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