Friday, May 29, 2009

Cake and Fish

We went camping it was.. fun. There was a lake and we went fishing

I caught my first fish
Chandler helped bring one in

Then he thought maybe he was hungry..

Of course Brandon caught a bunch, and we all got farmers tans.
All in all, it wasn't so bad.. you all know how I feel about camping ;-)

In matters that I find more intersting.. here's my cakes from the last two weeks!
You can't really tell, but it's small.. maybe 11" total (I'm horrible at guessing size)... anyway, that's a cupcake on top if that helps...

I can't decide which of these two I like better..

I really like the colors on the brown one better, but I like the side and boarders on the yellow one better.. hmmm.. either way, it's super fun!

**I tried not to wake them up.. but when they did, I really thought mike was going to kill me**
WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS! Julie and Nuts (Mike) live next door and we adore them. Chandler loves nuts (hahaha). Last week he followed him around for an hour while Julie and I dug out the Mollenhauer's (sp?) strawberry plants (they moved). I never would have dug up someone's plants by myself, and it was so nice that Mike let Chandler follow him around. They're even patient when chandler goes over EVERYDAY to feed puinea (penny), their guinea pig (is that how you spell it?). He just wanders over there, presses his face against their sliding glass door, and they let him in. Julie doesn't laugh at me when I am completely garden-stupid (our garden is AWESOME by the way). I hope we're always blessed with such great neighbors. And Julie was there when I found this bread..

IT WAS SO GOOD! We found it a farmers market. As lauren would have said: food-gasmic. No really, I almost cried when I smelled it, and said, "I don't care if it's 6 bucks, I'm buying it." Julie promptly put down her cauliflower, and bought hers. sweet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my freakin...

Today I was looking through my facebook pictures. Since we have had a blog I really see no purpose in posting pictures on there.... so they are all pretty old.

In case you didn't know us, or you missed this stage of Chandler...

We were in major transition for chandler's months 6-14 months... This is about as chubby as he got. Isn't he crazy cute?!

I usually try to post about other things as well as Chandler, but I just had to share...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy warm weather!

I know it's been a while, but I haven't felt like I had a lot going on. But then yesterday I was thinking about how many things I needed to blog about.

Garden update:
Remember these guys?
drum roll.........
Also, our onions are HUGE!!

Mother's day was fabulous, and Brandon got me this patio set. It's amazing, and exactly what I wanted.
AND I'm taking a cake decorating class on Tuesdays! It's serious fun, and nice to have some time to do something for myself. This was my first cake... obviously we had already eaten some :-)

Also, Chandler LOVES airplanes!
OH! and we have a potty trained little boy.. mostly, hopefully (knock on wood). We still have accidents occasionally, but for the most part we can go out, stay home and chandler goes potty in the toilet :-D We are so proud!

Oh man, and our grandpa TV broke :-( It's so sad, we've become pretty attached, but had to buy a new one. I'll put pictures up later.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!
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