Thursday, January 29, 2009

Insert clever name here...

I know it's way past resolution time, but I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Of course I have been thinking about it, and not doing it because I like to procrastinate, so I thought if I posted about it, it may keep me a little more accountable. Anyway.. here's my plan.

Each week, beginning on Thursday (why not start today?) I will set a new goal, and then the following Thursday I will post to report if I met my goal and set a new one. Easy, right? Although I realize probably no one will notice; just the idea that someone might notice I didn't meet my goal will motivate me. I am very proud after all. I should think of a clever name... something Thursdays.. hmm.


This weeks goal:
Drink 3.25 quarts of water a day. (It's the size of the water bottle in my fridge)

Please, I would love it if anyone wants to join me! And, if anyone can think of a cleaver name, I would love that too!

See you Thursday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I thought I would do a little look back at 2008. It truly was exciting! :-)

Very early in the year we moved from Rexburg (freezing) to Las Vegas, where I did my student teaching.

Nathan left on his mission.

Three months later we moved in with my parents in California.

Brandon went back to work with Terry... we LOVE Terry! We said this would be his last year (third time we've said that). I like to talk about buying the business, but fat chance.

We went to the Dominican Republic.
Celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

Chandler turned 1!!

Moved to Washington, then Oregon, found an apartment, moved in and started life in Portland!

Brandon started school!
I turned 22, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.. and that's it!

I am excited to not move once this year! Bring it on 2009, we are so ready!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had such wonderful Holidays! Chandler and I left a week early so Brandon could take his finals. Then they canceled all but 2 of them because of "snow" and the "chance of snow" :-P Portland isn't really prepared for the snow... I suppose that's how it would be if it snowed at home :-)

So, on Thursday (3 days early) Brandon joined Chandler and I in California and the never ending hours of settler's began. Literally, we had to have it set up before my dad got home for lunch so we could play while he was home.

Mostly the trip consisted of eating too much and playing lots of games. Christmas was fabulous, and we were very blessed. Chandler did his very first hunt... he followed the cheerios to a dancing reindeer. He also got a construction set full of trucks, which he opened, yelled, gave eveyone around him hugs and then hugged the box enthusiastically.

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, sorry... we video taped most of it, and we don't have the cord (still!) to put them on the computer. So, you'll just have to deal with what we do have :-)

Chandler learned to push chairs to get things he wants off of tables and what not. A little later than most kids I think, but we were okay with that. You know that lemon bundt cake that they sell at Costco? He got into it twice :-P

At the ward Christmas party (here in Portland) Chandler hated Santa, but really enjoyed playing with our little camera...

I swear Chandler really took this picture, and they didn't know.. that's a normal face that Jeff makes ;-)

It's always a difficult task for me to take down the Christmas decorations, but it's done. Chandler keeps talking about the tree in the back yard (tree is a new word), and Brandon needs to take down the lights on the house. A new year has begun, and 2009 is going to be the best yet! Just wait till August and I'll start talking about Christmas again!

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