Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Trip to Colorado

My brother blessed his baby last Sunday.  So we spent a loooong time in the car so we could celebrate with him, his wife, Shirley, and baby Wren on their big day.

Lucky for us, the drive was pretty cool.  There was a lot of interesting landscapes, and then we climbed the Rockies steep highways and drove through the ski resorts; it was all beautiful.

We stopped in Moab....

Have I told you how much Chandler loves to hike and/or climb on rocks?  He loves it.

This is my view from the car, where Sterling was napping.  Can you see Grandma, Chandler and Grandpa?

Then in Boulder we went up to the hills for a really spectacular hike.  It's not that we hiked that much, that's just when I took my camera out.  

Nathan and Shirley's neighbor had a horse.  A very, very friendly horse.  

In fact he was so friendly, he would occasionally get shocked by the electric fence because he was trying to get too close.

Grandma and Chandler convinced Sterling to feed his apple to the horse; Sterling was not very happy a bout it.... we got him another.  He was much more interested in the apple than he was in the horse.

Finally on Sunday baby Wren was blessed.  He looked very handsome.

Oh, happy summer!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July, I hope you did too!
We played in the pool...

And we had a water balloon fight....

{August made this hilarious face}

Ate BBQ....

{Julie made these super awesome jellos!} 

We watched the neighbor's fireworks...

And we set off some of our own.....

{This is my 'be careful' face}

{Of course I get a good picture of Scarlett with her sparkler, but not of my kids}

And then it started to rain...
 {This is Scarlett saying, "You can go stand in the garage."  AKA: I don't want to share my umbrella with you.}

I hope you're all having a sunny, warm, wonderful summer!

*Thanks to Julie for some of these pictures*
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