Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks biggest looser!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


People keep asking how our Thanksgiving was, and the only word I can use to describe it is.. eventful. So, I had my whole week planned..
Monday: shopping
Tuesday: Laundry and cleaning the entire house
Wednesday: Pies (and more cleaning)
Thursday: Thanksgiving.
I even had a time schedule for Thursday of when things were supposed to go in the oven, be prepared and served. Everything went amazing smoothly until Wednesday around 10 pm.

Brandon's brother and his wife (Cody and Audra) were driving up from Northern California and had planned on staying with us Wednesday night. Well, at 10ish Brandon's dad called and told us that they had hit a dear about 5 and a half hours from here. After talking some sense into Dave and organizing some concrete some plans, Brandon and Dave left to go get Cody and Audra. They left at 11:30, pulled over and slept at 2:30 and were back here around noon-noon thirtyish. Well, since vegas I can't sleep without Brandon. Brandon calls it "Bad-guy-phobia"... so I slept about 4 hours (5am-9am), but I wasn't as weary as Brandon and Dave :-) Truly we were happy everyone was safe. To add to the eventfull day litterally 5 minutes after I put my turkey in the oven the oven started sparking on the inside.. of course chandler was standing there screaming. lol. THANKFULLY we were watching Mike and Julie's (our neighbors) guine pig, so we had their keys, and I was able to use their oven.

Holidays are all about crazyness, right? We were thankfull everyone was happy, healthy and safe. Dinner went on when we planned and everything was great! WOW this is long.. here's some random pictures.. I'm sorry I didnt take any good ones. I think Brandon took the batteries out of the little camera to put into a wiii controller :-)
This is Cody, Brandon's brother.. I said they were random, don't act so surprised.
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