Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Cookies!

I am tired of seeing that picture of me all huge and eating something every time I get on my blog to blog-stalk you other bloggers. I have been trying to think of some to say for a while, but I got nothing. My mind is consumed with baby thoughts, and those are mostly boring to other people.

ANYWAYS... we did this with Chandler and it was fun. If you win, you get cookies. I know, lame prize, and if I weren't Mormon we would make this much more interesting.... alas, all you get are cookies, not pot money, if you win. (pot money like people putting money in a pot... gosh!)

Pick a day. If Baby Boy Barnette comes on the day of your choice, you win. Only 2 guessers per date. It's not a complicated game. I will update, as the comments/guesses come in. Good luck! We're just doing August, so I guess if I have the baby this weekend, I get cookies.
  • Sunday, August 1st-- Adam
  • Monday, August 2nd--
  • Tuesday, August 3rd-- Nicci
  • Wednesday, August 4th-- Alli
  • Thursday, August 5th--
  • Friday August 6th-- Sarah
  • Saturday, August 7th-- Liz & Lori
  • Sunday, August 8th-- Chelsea & Ruth
  • Monday, August 9th-- Amber & Corteiga
  • Tuesday, August 10th-- Veronica & Rachel
  • Wednesday, August 11th-- Brandon & Char
  • Thursday, August 12th-- Kinsey & Nicole
  • Friday, August 13th-- Julie & Daniel
  • Saturday, August 14th-- Holli & Diana

Info helpful for making an educated guess: I am due, Friday, August 13th. I am going to ask to be induced on the 13th if he doesn't come on his own before that. Currently, I am 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced. I went into the early stages labor with Chandler late on the evening of my due date, and then was induced, making him one day late.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Three Posts in a row! I expect you to read all three and comment on all of them.

Chandler's THIRD birthday party was on a Saturday, and I feel like it was a success.. I don't know how other people felt, but I thought it was F-U-N!

Unfortunately, we were too busy to take many pictures.. Someone took some with our camera. I don't know who it was, but thank you someone.
Seems like I should know who took this picture. Look how pregnant I am.. AHH!!
Thanks to everyone who came. It wouldn't have been fun without all of you. If you happened to take pictures at the party, will you send them to me, please?

This is pretty much pictures of us on a boat

"Grandma's boat".. I'm not sure why he's decided that it's Grandma's and not Grandpa's boat, but who knows!

This is Natalie's tree.
Chandler and I went on the tube, and then it was all he talked about for like a day or so.. We didn't whipe out like this tho..
Do those make you smile?

This is Miranda and Mom.

This is my little brother Nathan, and Chandler Nathan.. get it? Nathan came home from his mission in February.
This is Jared's face.
This is Jared's other face.. he's a goober.

I really like this picture of Brandon. He was actually really frustrated @ this point, but he looks good.

Why do we play this game? Clearly, it's unenjoyable.

*The majority of these pictures were stolen from Adam's facebook... thanks Adam*

Cabin Barnette

We spent three days at the Barnette's property in the Sierra-Nevadas. It was fabulously fun.. after three days, however, I was very dirty and very tired. This is Chandler's cometary on the following pictures...
"Chandler and Mommy."
"It's Chandler water the baby trees."
"Chandler fishing."
"Chandler and Daddy fishing."
At some point during the trip I said, "I like fishing, not actually fishing, but going and sitting.." And I realized I'm turning into my mom.

"Chandler helping daddy"
The MEN built a new deck for the cabin. It was looking beautiful (although not quite finished) when we left.

Next time we go I'll be less pregnant, and maybe I'll last a little longer... maybe not. lol.
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