Saturday, July 11, 2015


I think I enjoy setting off fireworks in the front yard is just the best.  As a bonus, someone in the neighborhood just to the south of us must spend thousands of dollars on illegal fireworks each year and the put on a whole show.  Unfortunately, the fireworks made Grendel, my mom's dog, sick; not the best.

Warning: High ISO=noisy/sometimes blurry pictures.  Noisy and blurry pictures that I just really love.  Someone buy me a nice flash and teach me how to use it. 

Happy fourth of July! -Love, some legs

Chandler's Baptism

Being baptized on the fourth of July means Chandler will never forget his baptism date.  He was nervous and excited and it was wonderful.  We are so proud of him and the wonderful little kid he is becoming.

We're grateful for everyone who came; especially family who traveled to spend the day with us.  The fourth of July isn't an easy day for people to make time.

I'm guessing this is what family pictures will be like for us for a while.. someone not looking, someone not making a great face, someone with their eyes closed.  Oh well, I love us.

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