Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bringing Home Winston

On Sunday Brandon had to go to a seminar for work/continuing education credits.  We left church early and Brandon was on his way home from his seminar.  There was a fatal accident on the 95 North and it looked like Brandon was going to take a long time to get off the freeway.  So, he got out of Mike's car, walked to the side of the freeway, climbed the small wall, and walked up to the street.  We met him at 7-11.  Finally, a little later then planned, we headed to Fillmore, Utah to pick up our newest member of the family.. Winston!  (PS: It took Mike & Dave 45 more minutes to go the last mile and get off the freeway!)

So far things are going good!  He's a very mild tempered, sweet dog.  He's a puppy and comes with puppy type issues, like crying and peeing in the house, but over all he's really great.  And potty training is going pretty well.  :)

 Also, he sleeps a lot and is adorable.

Our friends think he's pretty neat too.. when he's not chasing them or trying to lick their faces.. Winston is particularly fond of babies August and Emily.
Oh Happy day!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Portland: Seaside

The last Portland post.  The beach was my favorite.  It was pretty cloudy when we left Brandon's dad's house Saturday morning to meet his mom at the beach.  I thought for sure it would be too cold for anyone to want to get in the water, but the sun came out, it warmed up to 80 degrees and the boys got in.

Sterling had to go potty 8 times while we were on the beach.  It was like 15 minute excursion each time.

Eric bought this huge, awesome "Nemo" kite at a garage sale.  He spent the first 1/2 hour trying to untangle it and make it function, and it was really cool.  

We built sandcastles, and dug holes..

Finally, the boy's changed their clothes and we did all the classic Seaside stuff.  We rode the carousel, visited the candy store, ate Tillamook ice cream, played in the toys store, and enjoyed the weather.

And everyone was really tired...

There were also many undocumented events including, but not limited to: 
  • BBQ with our friends who are still students and the Warners.  When we come back next time, we won't know any students. :(
  • S'mores with Grandma & Eric
  • Dinner with the Nelson's
  • Lots of blankets while sleeping at night!!
  • Church in the ward Brandon grew up in
  • Visiting with LOTS of family
  • Playing in the new water front park in Hood River, and watching the kite boarders.  
  • LOTS of sleeping in the car
  • Constantly reminding ourselves that July in Portland is not the typical weather.  "It rains all the time here, usually," we kept telling each other.  Otherwise we would have been tempted to pack up our lives and move back.  It was beautiful. 
  • Finally, sweating while we waited to be picked up at the Las Vegas airport late Sunday night.
See you again in a few summers, Portland!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Portland: Downtown

When we lived in Portland we always talked about riding the OHSU tram, but we never did it.  So we gave ourselves three hours to get down town, ride the tram and get to Gresham.  It took four and we were an hour late for our own BBQ.  Traffic if Portland is a B, and we forgot!

We rode the Max from Lloyd Center...

We got lost, but eventually made it to the tram, and it was worth it!

Also, while very few of you care, we visited our old apartment.  The nostalgia was a little overwhelming..

The summer we grew a garden, Julie and I went to the neighbors house (after they moved out) and dug up their strawberry bushes and planted them in our shared front yard.. they were still there and also my daffodils.  However they were dead for the season.  I had to look it up, but that's three years of daffodils and strawberries.

Just so many memories.  What I wouldn't give for one night of food and games, crammed into a tiny apartment, wasting away hours into the early morning....

Portland: Grandpa's House

Grandpa & Sandy's House is so different for my city kids.... So fun!!

The boys rode the "quad" with Grandpa.

We played with cousins, picked raspberries, and blew fireworks.

Chandler even got to ride the horse!

We went to a park and played in the water.  I didn't anticipate them getting into the water.

{You know for his wedding slide show....}

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Portland: The Zoo

We drove straight from the airport to the Portland Zoo.  When we lived in Portland we had passes to the zoo, and we were excited to be back.  The weather was perfect.  When we got back to Grandpa and & Sandy's the news screamed, "Heat wave!  Highs in the 90's."  

The boys LOVED feeding the birds.  So fun!

PS: I couldn't find this little cave.. is it near the lions?  Look how little they are!  This doesn't feel that long ago!

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