Monday, January 20, 2014

The Farm!

The weather has been incredible here!  So on Saturday we went out in search of garage sales.  We found a few things, but (more excitingly) we found "The Farm".

They had lots of wandering around chickens, and some in cages, peacocks, goats, bunnies, farms cats, and weird birds.

There was even a baby cow....  Also, two giant cows, one of which tried to horn Chandler through the gate.  That was kind of scary.

The horse was friendly though.

There was also a llama, and a donkey who kept their distance.

And lots of old farm equipment.

And there was this hilarious, huge pig that just wandered around... her name is Victoria.

We got two super cool sniping bike things @ a garage sale, went home, ate lunch in the front yard, while the boys rode their bikes!  It was a wonderful Saturday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 in Retrospect

See you later 2013, you can suck it.

When I look back at 2013, I remember lots of tears, frustration and pleading prayers.   As I put together my post, I was reminded of how incredibly wonderful my year really was.  I would do it again.  I wouldn't trade making all these wonderful memories.

In January we found out we were expecting baby number 3.

In February we celebrated Valentine's day, and said good-bye to baby number three.

In March  we celebrated Easter; the Resurrection, the Atonement and eternal families held new meaning for us.

Summer pulled us out the dark, and we partied hard.
Late in August we lost our third baby, Chandler started first grade, but we weren't done with our summer parties yet!  We spent Labor day in California with our best friends, and I want to do it every weekend!

In the fall Chandler played baseball; it was raging hot at his first game in September and bitter cold at his last in November.

We enjoyed playgroup trips to the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, and the Gilcrease Pumpkin Patch.

In October Grandma Pelton & Eric, Uncle Cody & Aunt Audra spent a week with us.  Celebrating Halloween and family.

We celebrated Halloween with friends, pumpkins, and zombies.

In November we marveled about the year being almost over.  Tates came from all over the country, crammed themselves into our house and we celebrated the things we were thankful for: gluttony style.

December flew by!  We enjoyed Christmas parties of all varieties: with our ward, with our friends, and with our work friends.  

We spent a quick Christmas weekend with Grandpa Dave.

We spent Christmas at home and enjoyed our small family.

We spent the weekend after Christmas in California with our not-so-small Tate family.

We rang in a quiet new year with the Humpherys and said goodbye to 2013 forever.

We are hopeful for a 2014 as wonderful as 2013... maybe just a little more wonderful.
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