Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am finished with my student teaching!! What a wonderful experience it was. My students said good bye and we all cried. It is such a strange feeling having no homework, no classes, and no daily routine. I know it will be very strange in September. There has not been a September where i didn't start school in as long as I remember. :-O

So after three months in Vegas, we packed up as quickly as possible and left town. It just wasn't our place. Currently, we are back with my parents and Brandon is back to his pioneer business. :-) He loves the job and we are hoping to save some money before we start chiro college. We are happy to be here, and Chandler is happy for all the Aunt and Uncle attention. He also enjoys pulling all the books off the shelves. We're having such a good time. Last week, chandler fells asleep in his high chair.. check it out. He's also getting close to walking (or we think so). He has pushing toys that he likes to push around.

My brother, Nathan, is now in the mission field in Argentina. He sounds like he is doing good, and his letters sound like he really enjoys it. My parents are going to see Adam, my older brother, graduate from BYU this weekend. Brandon and I are babysitting. Then, Adam will be home...Life here is a little more balanced when Adam comes home because Jared stops trying to be boss. :-)

So, we're here in California till at least June. We do love the perfect weather. :-)
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