Sunday, February 22, 2009

"I miss that"

I think we've all been here....

Yesterday Chandler moved into his big boy bed. It was an inevitable move, but we had been postponing it; mainly because we're not ready. Nap time didn't go so well yesterday, but he slept great last night, and just went down for his second nap in his big boy bed with out a word.

Everyone, for my entire life, has been telling me life goes fast. There seem to be times in life where things move slowly. When you're 15 and a half and want to go to prom, or you have 2 months of school left until you graduate, or even when you were 5 and there was a field trip next Thursday. But then when you're finally 16 you realize it really wasn't so long; last Thursday came and went too quickly.

Then one day I had a baby and I can't seem to hold on to a moment for anything. I often complain about still being poor students, but last night I realized if I wish away these poor student moments, with them goes Chandler's toddler years. He was born, and he was soo tiny. And then he started growning.. it seemed kind of to go like this: tiny, lots of crying, a little bigger, 6 months, christmas, moving, a little bigger, vacation, a little bigger, one year, moving, a little bigger, walking, talking, forks, shoes, toys, fits, dirt, time outs, friends, toilets... all of a sudden he wasn't a baby anymore.

Really that's what this is all about. Chandler isn't a baby anymore. Everyone told me to not miss it, 'they grow up fast', so I tried... but it's gone. Part of me feels like I missed it. Brandon says, "don't worry we'll have another one." I feel like a little kid whose dog died when I say, "I don't want another one, I want Chandler back."

Of course it's just as important to not dwell on the past as it is to not dwell on the furture. An old lady at Walgreens said to me once, "I miss that." I thought the screaming, starving baby in my arms told the lady she was wrong, but I was the wrong, because I miss that.

Let's enjoy the present, come on.. it's going to be fun. :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cannon beach..

Brandon didn't have class today, so we had a fun day off. We went to breakfast at IKEA (because it was free) with Daniel, Chelsea, Mike, Julie, and Benson. Chandler and Benson have become good friends, and it's so fun :-)

We then headed out to Cannon beach. Chandler liked the sand, but not so much the water...can't blame him it was cold!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwdown Thursday!

(Thanks Heather for the cute name) :-)

So, I made my bed everyday this week. Some days it was a last ditch effort to make it right before we went to bed, but it got done! :-D The interesting thing was that the days that I made my bed (earlier in the day) I always picked up the rest of my room too. Which meant not only did the papers and things get picked up, but I got the clean laundry put away (sooner than it would have been). It had a cool kind of ripple effect. If you didn't do it this week, I would really recommend it. Really brightened my days. I am going to try to continue this one.

This week's goal took me a little while, but I thought I would go for healthy eating. Anyone who knows me, knows I inherited my dad's hated of veggies. I've come to a point where I don't pretend I like them either. I just hate vegetables (and most healthy foods), and as a result I don't eat as many as I should. So...

This weeks goal:
Eat at least 3 servings of veggies, and at least 2 servings of fruit.

I figure I can do this by having fruit in my cereal, veggies with lunch, 2 servings of veggies at dinner and another fruit in the evening while I'm watching TV (when I would usually have cookies or ice cream or something).

arg, this is going to be a hard one. I really do have veggies.

I know it suggests 3-5 and 2-4, but I'm just trying to make the bare minimum. If 3 veggies and 2 fruits isn't more than you usually do, and you want to participate try raising your numbers to 5 and 4. (wow)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I almost forgot!


Last Thursday my goal was to drink more water. I made it every day except fast Sunday :) I consider it success. Anyone make it with me? Personally, I think I should have called it see how many times I have to pee week.

This week, it's going to be easier.. woo whoo!

My goal: Make my bed everyday. Reminds me of when I was little

Easy right? Join me. :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 things..

Since Adam tagged me of facebook, and Julie tagged "everyone", I thought I would go ahead and do this thing. For some reason I was opposed to doing it on facebook.. seems lame (?), I thought I would copy Julie. :-)

"Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

1. I like to talk about how hot I am. Really it's just how I deal with my insecurities, but who doesn't like to pretend that their hot stuff?

2. I'm kind of addicted to shopping. I really get a high from getting a good deal.

3. Kind of related to that, I LOVE infomercials.. I am always tempted, even when I already have an iron (or what ever it is). Has anyone actually tried that abs shaky thing? Everyone says it doesn't work, but I've never met someone who has actually tried it themselves.

4. I hate to be dirty. That is why I hate camping.

5. I hate being told what to do. There is a 90% chance if you tell me not to do something (or I can't do something), I will do it just to spite you.

6. I'm dyslexic. People like to ask me if I've been diagnosed for it, like I would go around telling people that I am when I haven't been. Yes, I have, and yes I am. I like to use it as an excuse for unrelated things.. "Bethany, why haven't you done the dishes?" "I'm dyslexic". :)

7. I am very interested in real estate. I think it's fascinating; I even dream about it sometimes. My mom and have been going to look at model homes (for fun) as long as I can remember. I have seriously considered getting my license.

8. I want to have 5 kids and twins. Not like 5 and then twins.. making 7, but 3 and twins (making five).

9. I believe in education (duh). I could write for 10 pages about that.. but it's boring. Just know I am very passionate about it.

10. I have always wanted to go sky diving, but I am terrified of bungee jumping..

11. My spelling is horrible.

12. I like to read research.

13. I am constantly on a diet.. so depressing.

14. I scored in the top 15% of anyone (ever) to take the Paxis II, my final teaching credential test. Not to brag, but it was the first time I scored in the top 15% anything.

15. I love the snow and the seasons. I am willing to sacrifice the 340 days of perfect in southern california for just a few weeks of snow.

16. I used to be able to swim 100 yards in 57 seconds. Not so much anymore, but I still love swimming.

17. I hate putting away silverware.

18. I haven't cleaned the bathroom since I've been married. I have cleaned parts of the bathroom (counters, toilets..), but when it's time for the bathroom to be cleaned, Brandon does it.

19. Brandon and I have "jump on the bed olympics." We see who can run and jump on the bed the best.

20. My laptop is yellow (and super cute). AND I love gold fishies because they're so deliciouse.

21. I miss teaching despretly.

22. I like old, cheesey sitcoms. Gilmore girls, home improvement, cosby show, boy meets world...

23. I hate all my clothes like a month after I buy them. Okay, most of my clothes. "It really beginning to be a problem." (Elain, seinfield).

24. I like to say some of my plurals wrong. For example: underwears, gums (like pieces of gum)... Yes, I do it on purpose.

25. I like to think of myself as spunky, curvy and fun. However, I am aware that most people would describe me as "loud". :)

Like Julie.. if you're read this whole thing, you're tagged.
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