Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Since Labor Day is over, and I liked doing this post last year, here are some of my favorite pictures from summer 2012.

So excited for the holidays!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Love Triangle

Chandler: You know, Mike, Scarlett's daddy?
Davy: No..?
Chandler: You know, Scarlett; my girlfriend.

Chandler to random kids on the play toy at McDonald's: That's my girlfriend Scarlett! (as he runs past her)

Chandler was to be Scarlett's boyfriend.  It was determined even before she was born.  

....we take pictures and make plans to show them at their wedding reception....

He even gave her a car, a long time ago.

Then Sterling was born, and then there was some confusion about who's girlfriend she would be..... but Sterling didn't seem interested, and Scarlett was offended.  


But lately, Sterling has shown some interest.

...and no one knows what to think...
except Scarlett is a lucky lady.
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