Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Waching at California

Check out "Waching at Sea Side" from 2010 when the Wachs took us to the beach!

We took a weekend trip with our friends, the Wachs, without our kids to California last month and I finally downloaded some of the pictures off my phone so I can blog about it!  :)

We spent Friday at Six Flags, which is always a great time!  The new virtual reality ride is pretty unreal, but it made Brandon motion sick. :(

Friday and Saturday night we stayed the night at my parent's condo in Oceanside.  We spent Saturday in La Jolla.  Could La Jolla be any more beautiful?

The boys *had* to go boogoie boarding, even if it was freezing!  (look close at Dave's face here)

 We also ate a lot of great food, went to Nathan's comedy show, sat in the hot tub, and enjoyed good company.  Thanks to my parents, our babysitter, and Wachs for making a spectacular vacation!

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